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Global Agent

How to become our global agent?

1. The investors for our company are expected to implement branding, have insights, ideas, and vision, and be willing to enter into a long-term development with us.

2. Agree with the philosophy of HOMTOM to grow together and become successful with us. The company and agent will join for investment first and earnings later, while cooperating on marketing policy highly consistent with the company, vendor integration (equivalent to a branch of HOMTOM), and activities necessary to ensure sustainable development for the company.

3. Maintain a professional operation, scientific organizational structure, management system and KPI system, and specialized company or department format. Also provide special funds and a dedicated team to operate the HOMTOM smartphone project. Consider HOMTOM as the main brand to promote.

4. Have a strong management capability, a respected business reputation, solid financial strength, strong direct supply sales network (We don't allow multi-level distribution), the efficient capability of warehouse logistics and distribution, and a professional service system.

5. If both parties agree, you will sign the cooperation agreement with us and complete the sales targets. (monthly, quarterly, annual).

Contact Us

Contact: Senia E-mail: senia@homtom.cc