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Shenzhen ZHOUJI HOMTOM Technology  Co.,Ltd, was founded in 2013. HOMTOM headquarter and the factory is located in Shenzhen, China. At the beginning of the foundation, our company focused on the R&D, production and sales of the communication equipment and accessories. Year after year, the company has established the battery factory, grinding tool factory, integrated assembly fac nsportation and other subsidiaries through various modes, such as sole investment, mergence, public operation etc.; it has passed the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certification, China Quality Inspection Quality Management System Certification, China Quality Inspection Alliance, i.e. China Testing Alliance (CTA) Certification, and the 3C Certification of China Quality Certification Center. The R&D results over many years bring more than 100 national patents to the company, which has passed the National High-tech Enterprise Certification.

The company used to serve the domestic and international famous communication brands and operators, mainly providing OEM, ODM customized services for high end customers, with the products covering more than 200 countries and regions in South Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Latin America and North America. With advances in technology and society and the rise of smart phones and tablet PCs, the company has launched the new brand HOMTOM. Through different product positioning and marketing systems, the company has transformed from the previous OEM, ODM customized marketing system to various marketing systems and methods featured by the combination of OEM, ODM and self owned brands, to make our products more suitable for consumers, closer to life and the company fully developed. Although with a short history of development, the company always adheres to “quality is the only guarantee of brand” as the ultimate goal. Under the guidance of “integrity, innovation and pioneering spirit”, the company has rapidly become the industry’s influential business, assuming the leadership role to lead the development of the industry.

HOMTOM advocates “quality and experience”, imposing strict examination on each procedure from design to production. In terms of quality, all products of HOMTOM are subject to a strict high standard and high-tech quality testing processes to ensure that every user will have a perfect experience.

HOMTOM is determined to be a milestone-type brand in its industry—the essence, exquisite appearance and flexible operation of products endowed by designers convey to the users the hope and joy of life.

HOMTOM can be transliterated as "Heng Tong", which conveys rich brand wisdom. In China, "heng" means eternal, "tong" means mastery. HOMTOM (Heng Tong) implicates the continuous changing and innovation, to explore the way to the eternal truth.