Strategic Cooperation Between Pandao of and HomTom

The Pandao international marketplace became an official representative of Chinese smartphone brand HomTom. Mail.Ru Group entered into a strategic agreement with the manufacture, according to which Russian buyers will be able to purchase smartphones on Pandao at exclusive prices.

HomTom offers a whole range of waterproof and shockproof models with state-of-the-art design and improved performance characteristics. The company analyzed the reasons for why there was insufficient demand for smartphones with improved casing protection. The analysis revealed that many manufacturers offer such models, but these products run extremely hot and their battery discharges too quickly.HomTom is now planning to introduce a new model HD LED DLP projector phone (HomTom P1) equipped with powerful ventilation fans, a liquid coolant system and a high-capacity 5,500 mAh battery."

The agreements were signed between Mail.Ru Group and the Chinese manufacture for three years. During this period, Pandao will work as an official representative of the brands across Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus. In accordance with this document, the companies will run their promotions and sales campaigns on the platform, offering exclusively low prices.

“Shockproof smartphones are not really popular today. This is mostly due to the number of downsides these models have compared to standard phones. However, people are starting to get tired of phones that break as soon as they fall on the floor. Customers are sure to love the high quality and well protected models offered by HomTom. Moreover, these phones will certainly be in demand by people who lead an active lifestyle, which is a growing trend. We are sure that Russian buyers will see the value in these types of brand, which have been lacking on the market until now. The price/quality ratio guaranteed by Chinese manufacture enables them to confidently deprive current market leaders of their competitive advantage,” - says Andrey Tsytsenko, CEO Pandao.

Pandao is the leading platform of Russian e-commerce, HomTom is a famous brand in the world. This strategic cooperation will definitely make a great success in the Russian market. We will provide more quality/price Smartphones (Big battery Phones, HomTom Zoji Rugged phones,P1 HD LED DLP projector phones) and better Service for Russian consumers with the help of Pandao” Says Mr Xie MiLiang,CEO HomTom.