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HOMTOM P1 - World's Most Durable and Smartest Projector Smartphone


HOMTOM will launch a brand new special smartphone soon. As is known, there are already a variety of projector smartphones in the world now, but why weren't they popular? After a series of investigation, we found some reasons for it.

First of all, most of them are only able to project the scene clearly in the dark since the own light of it is too low. Besides, the low battery is another problem that can't promise consumer to play a whole movie. Last but not the least, there isn't a good cooling system in the phone which causes the high temperature.

However, HOMTOM makes every effort to solve these problems and decides to produce this marvelous projector smartphone, HOMTOM P1.

Let's see what's special in it.

Firstly, we can see one of the highlights of it is that HOMTOM P1 smartphone is embedded with OSRAM illumination and Texas Instruments  DLP, which enables you to share your digital hobbies without limits no matter where and when you are.

What's more, HOMTOM P1 is equipped with cooling exhaust fans and also special liquid cooling system which should keep its hot spirits at bay just like the fans from PC.

Besides, You’ll have no problem with the P1, which is with 5500 large battery so that you can be full of energy all the day. Besides, the P1 can be used as a power bank, so that you can use OTG to charge another phone.

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