HOMTOM Launches HT10 Smartphone Featuring Advanced Iris Recognition Technology

Chinese smartphone manufacturer HOMTOM is announcing the launch of its flagship device the HOMTOM HT10, which features the company's second generation iris recognition technology, the same as used in the Samsung Note 7.

The iris of each individual is unique and the texture inside remains stable, making it a highly accurate and secure 'password'. Iris recognition adopts an algorithm which can identify up to 266 identification points, much more accurate than any other biometric identification method. It can unlock the phone in 0.3s, and works in low-light or dark conditions, and even when the user is wearing glasses, making the whole unlocking process quicker, more convenient and more secure.

Get a True Sense of a "Global 4G Network"

The frequencies of the HOMTOM HT10 cover all the continents around the world, consisting of the bands in Europe - B3 B7 B20, Africa - B1 B3 B7, North America - B4 B17, Latin America - B2 B4 B7, Asia - B1 B3 B7, and Oceania - B1 B2 B4 B7. This both solves frequency issues and allows users to operate 4G on their smartphones wherever in the world they are.

Treasure Each Memories with 21MP and 8MP Cameras

Thanks to the powerful MediaTek Helio X20, the HOMTOM HT10 supports a higher FHD photography. Configured with an ultra-high-definition 21MP SONY rear camera and 8MP front HD camera, it has never been easier to document daily life with crystal clear pictures.  

HOMTOM will be offering a hands-on experience of its powerful technology the Global Source Exhibition at AsiaWorld Expo in Hong Kong from October 18-21, 2016.

Video of the HOMTOM HT10: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KZ2KcAFTd8
More infohttp://homtom.cc/Product/ProductDetail?proId=6