HOMTOM HT20 Redefines Toughness for Outdoor Smartphone

HOMTOM will soon launch an outdoor business smartphone, HOMTOM HT20, with quite tough characteristics on account of its tough materials as well as its outstanding “three proofing properties” finally achieved, especially IP68 waterproof rating. We believe it will redefine the “Toughness” for outdoor smartphone then.

 Unlike the traditional phone structure by wrapping the phone with super cumbersome materials, HOMTOM HT20 adopts a newly-improved withhold structural design. The new assembly method, which structures the phone with fully enclosed vacuum assembly process, helps form a compact and solid phone body, thus, greatly enhances the features of waterproof, shockproof and dustproof.

   For an outdoor smartphone, nice waterproof feature is a must. HOMTOM HT20 promotes its waterproof function to a higher level. Being certificated IP68 proofing design, it can not only guard against water outside the phone, but also can withstand dust, dirt and sand. HOMTOM HT20 can endure working underwater. For more coolness, it can enable you to take crystal pictures with the 13MP rear camera even in the rain or underwater environment.


  As for drop resistance, HOMTOM HT20 adopts military-standard high density PC material for the back case and the high density aeronautical metal materials for the frame. All these exquisite materials combined with the fine craftsmanship create a drop resistance, smash-proof masterpiece, as well as a stylish HOMTOM HT20. The HT20 can withstand a fall of 1.2m. Moreover, the Corning Gorilla Glass forms a strong protection for the phone screen thanks to its wonderful resistance to impact force.

   For the sake of fine tri-proofing properties, HOMTOM HT20 also pays attention to each minor detail --- Besides the outstanding materials carefully selected and the newly-improved withhold structural design, HOMTOM HT20 also offers anti-dust protection to its headset jack, USB port and speaker by using super effective dustproof materials like the anti-dust filter mesh, the Samsung USB port with plug, etc. Dust will be kept away!



All in all, as a toughest outdoor smartphone, HOMTOM HT20 will show you how much it can suffer. Let’s wait and see!