Remarkable User Experience is just at your fingertips!

As a newly developed “Summer Phone for the Youth”, HOMTOM HT16 features wonderful user experience thanks to its latest android Marshmallow 6.0 system, off-screen smart wakeup gestures, 3000mAh large battery with effective power-saving mode, in addition to its cool design and appealing color options.


HOMTOM HT16 achieves its remarkable user experience in the following aspects,


1)      Latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow for an optimized performance

Equipped with the powerfully fast operation system Android 6.0, HOMTOM HT16 bears a number of the latest and advanced features which can not only optimize the phone performance, but also lower the power consumption at 20%, so that users can enjoy a better and smoother phone. 

2)      Off-screen Smart Wakeup Gestures for a cool and direct activation

Configured with off-screen smart wakeup gestures, the HT16 presents a cool but quite convenient activation to enable users to directly access APPs by simply drawing some smart gestures on the screen. For instance, you can draw a “C” for “open camera”, “M” for “open music”, etc.

3)      3000mAh with Effective Power-saving Mode for an outstanding battery life

Powered by 3000mAh large battery, the HT16 owns a durable active status for working. When using cooperatively with the “Effective Power-saving Mode”, the HT16 will assure an outstanding battery life.

4)      Dual Sim Cards, Dual Standby for a flexible shift of status

By supporting two SIM cards in one smartphone, you can freely keep one number for work, and the other one for life, maintaining a separation between the work and your private life and always keeping in touch with things around.

In a word, HOMTOM HT16 is indeed a trustworthy choice for you whatever in its exterior design or for the remarkable user experience at your fingertips!